Posted September 16, 2015
I was planning a vacation on a few months ago. I'm impressed with the work they do. From their social notifications to their "scratchpad" feature, I think they really hit a home run.

The last time I was shopping for my next car, my salesperson and I went through the dealers' website while she wrote down a list of stock numbers on a post-it note. I thought to myself - wouldn't it be great if they had a "scratchpad" just like Expedia's?

Most of the features dealer website vendors market to dealers are to reach more customers. But their own website is a valuable tool to salespeople within the dealership. They're writing down stock #'s on post-it notes?! 

There's got to be a better way....


Each vehicle is added to a list of recently viewed vehicles. The list itself is a slide-out panel, so it doesn't take up valuable screen real estate. Send that list to yourself and/or others via email or SMS/text. The list contains links to the vehicle on your website along with pricing information. Problem solved!